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Not all customers share the same need.

We’ve developed great working relationships with architects, builders, and commercial GC’s so we understand each of their specific needs. Our staff and programs are prepared to work diligently and offer the support and expertise needed to provide excellent service, professional support and very competitive prices. Our reliable service will lighten your workload and eliminate concerns enabling you to focus on your next project.

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eLux staff have an appreciation for architect’s busy schedules. In an attempt to ease some of the burden, we make ourselves available for questions and provide information on sizing, configurations, shapes, colors, and limitations. We also supply information that may be helpful to keep the design within the manufacturer’s confines and budget. Additionally, we allow direct access to our software, ensuring that much of the necessary information is only a keystroke away.

Our Architect program will also supply your office with:

  • Full size samples spec’d to your preference
  • Corner samples
  • Cladding color samples
  • Hardware samples
  • Literature

In addition we provide AIA certified lunch and learns that will provide anyone in attendance 1 hour of CEU’s. Please contact us to schedule a seminar.


Our business is about relationships.

You need trustworthy and reliable suppliers to keep your jobs moving efficiently. We don’t want to sell you one job, we’re out for long term partnerships. That keeps us on our toes working hard for you. Depending on the volume of windows you currently purchase, our program could save you tens of thousands of dollars per year. We can equip your office with samples, color options and literature to help your customers understand the quality and value of the product you’re using.

Builder program advantages:

  • Value engineer without sacrificing appearance or quality
  • Supply accurate and reliable bids
  • Deliver jobs complete and correct
  • Assist with code compliance
  • Service any unexpected jobsite issues promptly
  • Service homeowners years down the road


We offer services for general contractors on commercial and multifamily projects. Whether you need $100,000 or $1,000,000 worth of windows and doors we offer the same cost savings and dependability. Our commercial division will work closely with you to ensure accuracy, set up a schedule for proper flow, and accomplish on-time site delivery to keep your job moving.