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eLux – The Full Story

eLux is the brainchild of the developer of a successful window and door supply company in the Washington, D.C. metro area.

While closely watching the trends of today, he sought to design an outlet for consumers who wanted to build their dream homes while maintaining their budgets. He developed a process which would allow customers to access the highest quality window and door products in a direct manner eliminating costly steps that traditional suppliers cannot avoid. This necessitated web based presence in place of a brick and mortar store which requires more mark-up on products. By streamlining the process, removing unnecessary expenses and relying on high volume sales, eLux could keep margins low- putting those savings directly into your pocket.

Typically with low prices comes poor service and with professional service comes high prices. Through our innovative process we found a way to bring together the best of both worlds – we call it window mojo.

In addition to our low prices we provide the assistance you’d expect from a professional supplier:

Value Engineering

Value engineering – one of our most sought after services. Need to shave money from your window and door package while keeping aesthetics and performance at the forefront? We are skilled at finding ways to help trim the budget with little sacrifice.

Design Advice

Design Advice – oftentimes the patterns and designs selected do not capture the look you’re after. We’re versed in every style from contemporary to traditional and we’re entrenched in different design aspects day in and out. We’re glad to step in and offer advice when asked.

Service | Warranty Support

Service | Warranty Support – what happens 10 years down the road when a sash breaks or a crank fails? You contact us. Other suppliers will have you contact the manufacturer for help. While this works, it can be cumbersome and time consuming. We take care of many issues ourselves only utilizing the manufacturer as needed.


eLuxwindows is a one-of-a-kind online window and door retailer. No other company offers you products at this level of quality at our price point.

Our streamlined approach is unlike any other – No brick and mortar store, minimal overhead, low mark-up and a great relationship with a large manufacturer all equates to huge savings for our customers. Simply send us your plans and provide us with a few specifications then we’ll provide a professional quote and review.

We have teamed up with one of the best window and door manufacturers in the industry to provide an efficient and cost-effective process of bringing quality products to the marketplace. This allows our customers to reap huge savings for what is typically a large expense to the home construction process.


We’re window folk – experts in our field. This is what we know and enjoy. Builders, Architects and homeowners have relied on our teams’ knowledge and experience for decades – now we’re bringing it to you. A knowledgeable professional can help design, guide, and provide value to your home in a way that’s unrivaled from lumber yards or big box stores. We’ve worked with builders on projects and prices ranging from simple and straightforward to elaborate and luxurious. Making the right choices and getting properly educated can enhance a home’s aesthetics, comfort and functionality. We know how to provide the right product for your project. Put your trust in us.